The Roach Imports


        Sam Roach is a geologist, Texas cattleman, and horseman. He grew up on a cattle ranch on the Clear Fork of the Brazos River where working horses were a necessity. While in South America, Sam used his horse experience to gain access to remote areas for geologic reconnaissance mapping. He continued his employment with ARAMCO during the decade of the 50's in Saudi Arabia. While in Saudi, Sam Roach became friends with Sam Logan, who worked for the King at Al Kharj. It was the relationship of the 2 Sams that led to Sam Roach's opportunity to meet King Sa'ud Bin Abdul Aziz. The King was quite pleased with the American's children, and In his agreeable mood of the evening, he gave Sam Logan a Chrysler Imperial, and he gave Sam Roach choice of his horses at the Royal Stud at Al Kharj. it was of great Impact to the Roach's, who chose TAAMRI, RUDANN, and HALWAAJI for family riding, and later breeding. It had tremendous importance to desert breeders like ANTIQUE ARABIANS, who needed this very special foundation. These horses were trained by Sam and Elizabeth and ridden during the family stay in Saudi Arabia by them and their daughter and son, Susan and Silas. They shipped the horses, including the filly born in their possession (AMIRAA) to the U.S. on their return In 1960.

The Roach's choice of horse is a foundation of our horses at ANTIQUE ARABIANS. In her article "A Journey to See All the King's Horses" (Arabian Horse News, Sept. 1957) Beth (Elizabeth) Roach mentions some of the criteria used in selecting their horses: "...a horse generally earns what he Is to earn while he is on the move. Without soundand properly constructed power of locomotion, he Is worth very little In judging Arabs one looks for balanced conformation, where each particular part of a horses' anatomy seems to fit all the other parts The mares Roach's chose from the Royal herd were pure in the strain Hamdanlyah. At ANTIQUE ARABIANS we have followed the Bedouin practice of continuing to breed like tail female to like. We are strain breeding the Hamdani family strain through the mares AL HAMDANIAH, AMIRAA, HALWAAJI, RUDANN, and SINDIDAH. We at ANTIQUE ARABIANS are avid endurance riders, so applied the same athletic criteria to select this strain and these horses, as Sam's experience had led hirii to apply years ago. We owe much to the Roach's for their wise choices and great generosity.